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About Trance Healing

How it works

Trance healing is still the transfer of healing energy from spirit as explained in “about spiritual healing” the main difference is the conscious state of the healer. Whilst doing trance healing Sarah will be in the trance state and the healing guide/s will step completely forward to do the healing, rather than just channeling the energy through her. As with trance mediumship Sarah's appearance, mannerisms and voice will change in accordance with the healing guide working.

Trance healing works on the same principle as spiritual healing, however with spirit being so much closer they can work at a deeper level. This form of healing often deals more with emotional and spiritual issues rather than physical, but that is not a rule. Trance healing can also lead to spiritual surgery where things can be removed from a persons body.

Being a trance healer

Sarah has found that the trance healing brings about a greater sense of peace in the person than spiritual healing. Deep seated trauma that may not be consciously acknowledge can be released during these session as well as past life issues. Spirit may also take the opportunity to speak directly to the person's soul or higher self to assist in the healing process.

Further Information

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