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Sarah has been aware of Spirit since birth. She always knew they were there watching over her and guiding her life. At the age of 10 a major event occurred, which resulted in a rapid expansion of her psychic awareness, clairvoyant ability and empathic understanding. As the years went by these gifts became overwhelming and attempts to join a development circle were blocked due to her age. Therefore, at 20, Spirit intervened and Sarah was shut down for the next 10 years in order to recoup. It took another catalyst, the death of her father, in 1999 for Spirit and Sarah to reunite.

Joining a Circle

That year, Sarah went along to see a clairvoyant demonstration. There she was clearly told to go into a development circle. It took nearly another year before she was able to do so and hence her formal training, as a medium and clairvoyant, started in 2000 at the London Spiritual Mission. Although she had no knowledge of trance mediumship or channelling at that time; Spirit made it abundantly clear that this was her purpose and direction.

Training and founding Voices of Spirit

In May 2002 she was directed by Spirit to join a trance mediumship class at The College of Psychic Studies where she trained until March 2005. During that time she demonstrated clairvoyance and trance mediumship in Spiritualist Churches across London. She was also invited to demonstrate with her mentor Robin Winbow at Spiritualist Churches in Brighton and The College of Psychic Studies. Spirit were also urging her towards teaching and Voices of Spirit was founded in 2003. Sarah then began teaching mediumship and later trance, channelling, automatic writing, connecting to Spirit and much more.

Teaching at The College of Psychic Studies

In September 2004 she was invited to become a sensitive at The College of Psychic Studies; where she gives trance consultations. In early 2006 they invited Sarah to become one of their tutors; in the summer of that year, she took over teaching Robin Winbow's advance trance development class. She now runs several classes and workshops at The College of Psychic Studies. As well as demonstrating trance mediumship and giving channelled lectures.

Qualified as a Spiritual Healer

Spirit impressed on Sarah that they wanted to give healing during a trance consultation and as she was not trained in that area she was hesitant. Therefore, in 2005, Sarah qualified as a spiritual healer with The Corinthian Church and Healing Association. After this, Sarah and her guides began working more closely during healing session and developed the trance healing, which they now offer. Sarah also found many healers and trance students wanted to work in this way, so under the guidance of Spirit she began teaching trance healing. Distant trance healing is extremely effective and Sarah is keen to develop this method further. Delivering a certified course in trance healing is something Sarah and Spirit want to do and hopefully will achieve one day.

Working as a Trance Medium

Sarah Tyler-Walters is one of the few trance mediums in the world to offer trance sittings by telephone and Skype, as well as in person, all of which are recorded. She also demonstrates trance mediumship and teaches around the country. Sarah is very aware of the negative reaction many people have to trance mediumship and with Spirit, she is trying to break down some of those barriers and bring trance work more to the forefront. So when she was invited to appear on the LBC radio’s “The Psychic Show” with Becky Walsh, (renowned Psychic Medium) she was glad to do so. Sarah has also been published twice in the College of Psychic Studies “Light” magazine and hopes to have more articles published in the future.

Spirit have also expanded the work beyond consultations and demonstrations to full length channelled lectures. The first two held in 2010 were extremely successful and the audience left in deep thought, considering the profound wisdom Spirit has shared with them. Both lectures - The Art of Enlightenment and The Art of Being Human - are available to purchase through this site [visit Resources, then choose Downloads and then follow on the on screen instructions].

Sarah’s Vision

To bring guidance and healing from the world of Spirit for those in the physical plane who are ready and open. To fulfill her soul’s purpose and reach and exceed her potential. To fast-track those who are ready and willing to work with and embrace Spirit, be they children or adults. And to remove some of the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the world of Spirit, the work of Spirit and the purpose of the mediums/channellers for Spirit on the Earth.

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