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For Light Magazine (published by The College of Psychic Studies)

Thoughts on the demonstration with Sarah Tyler-Walters, Becky Walsh and Simon Bacon in January 2007 - The intention of the demonstration was to show the differences between a Psychic, a Medium and a Trance Medium.

When asked to take part in the demonstration with Becky [a psychic medium] and Simon [medium/clairvoyant], it struck me that I possibly had the easiest task. All I had to do was expand my consciousness out of the way and allow Master Chou to step forward and speak. I would not have to look into the faces of the audience, nor consider what was being said and its impact. The irony is that, simple as that sounds, trance mediumship remains one of the more physically demanding aspects of spiritual communication. And letting go of one's consciousness can be a mammoth mountain to climb.

Having taken the steps towards developing trance mediumship, where spirit take control of the physical body, mind and voice, my reward is in the work spirit do. (I use the word control cautiously as it has overtones of possession and that is not what takes place.) Trance, by its very nature, is a willing and loving partnership between medium and spirit, never forced, never uninvited. So though, my task was simple the path to that simplicity was, and continues to be, long and hard.

As with all disciplines it takes dedication, time and trust. Having trained as a mental medium (Clairvoyant) I was familiar with my spirit guides and inspirational speaking. This coupled with a sense of self and complete trust, helped me make the transition from mental to trance mediumship. Trance mediumship is the combination of two things: the trance state where the conscious awareness is altered and physical blending with the spirit energy and consciousness.

I'm often asked; "Where do you go when you are in trance?", and to be honest I don't know. In the room somewhere, off wandering around or sitting with spirit. I generally don't remember and have little concept of the time elapsed. The other question I am often asked is; "Do you remember what was said?" Generally, no, however on occasion odd bits of information stick in my mind but they are generally without context and forgotten soon after.

A gentleman asked me after the demonstration about which spiritual realm Master Chou was from and how that effects his answers. Like us, communicators answer from their own perspective and level of understanding, but that does not mean they are not still learning and evolving. The journey of evolving never stops for the soul and this is as true for the souls of spirit as it is for us on the physical plane.

Trance mediums often refer to their communicators as their guides. For me I feel my spirit guides are separate. I have spirit guides, as every one does, however, I regard Master Chou and The Oracle as spirit communicators, working with me in partnership. We have agreed, prior to me being incarnated, to work together for a purpose through the medium of trance communication.

So what is their purpose? In essence, I believe it is to find ways in which we can improve how we live our lives and therefore change our vibration and consciousness for the greater good of humanity and the planet. Guiding us to find our truth and walk our paths as individuals and as part of all existence. They do this through words, healing, intention and love. What more could I ask of my friends, for that is how I truly regard them.

Trance Mediumship for the 21st Century - Based on several lectures given during 2007

What is Trance Mediumship?

Firstly, what is trance mediumship? In a nutshell; it is the willing use of the mind and body of the channel (medium) by a spirit being for the purpose of communication or healing. Please note the word willing, the channel (medium) acts as a conduit or vehicle for the spirit being by choice. Trance mediumship as with all forms of channelled information (drawn, spoken or written) or energy is done in partnership with spirit.

Working in an altered state of consciousness

Working in a trance or altered conscious state has been around for thousands of years as a form of connecting and communicating. Shamanic vision quests are a form of altered state that allows the shaman to communicate with animal spirits or ancestors. Many temple priest and priestess when into a trance to bring forward guidance in temple ceremonies. More recently seances were often conducted with the medium (channel) entering a trance state to allow the loved one to speak directly to the attendees. As with many things trance went out of favour and seemingly disappeared or at least went out of the public eye.

However, it was not a forgotten skill or indeed a lost one. It was merely sitting quietly in the background until it was needed again.

The re-emergence of Trance

Over the last ten years there has been a growing interest in channelled information from the world of spirit. People are once again seeking communication with spirit; and spirit are once again seeking to bring us that understanding. When trance mediumship was at its height it was mostly in the form of deep trance mediumship sometimes referred to as full trance mediumship. Humanity at that time needed as much assurance that it was spirit as possible and this provided the best option. Deep trance mediumship is where the channel (medium) is completely unaware of anything happening around them or through them during the session. They do not hear nor remember what was said. This level of trance mediumship is also used for physical mediumship where apports or ectoplasm are used to prove spirit exists and life does indeed go on.

Today though people are more open, they may have seen a clairvoyant and had proof of survival so are now more inclined to listen without needing such extremes. Physical mediumship still goes on and like trance mediumship is growing in numbers again. It still acts as a proof of spirits existence but it also acts as a glimpse of what is possible. So trance and channelling are going through some changes. The first thing to understand is that trance and channelling are closely linked. Whenever someone refers to themselves as a channel it is important to establish what they mean by that. It should be regarded as an umbrella term for in fact all of us who work for and with spirit, whether as mediums or healers, channel that information or energy.

Trance or Channelling

Sometimes channelling is used to describe trance work or visa versa. There are subtle difference between information that is channelled and that which comes via trance. However this is not necessarily in the information itself but in the mechanics behind how the communication was made. It is degrees of the same things - for instance if you say you are a runner, you might just jog for fitness, or be a 100m sprinter or even a 10,000 Kilometre runner. But you are still a runner the difference is in the why you run and how far. Spirit know that we are ready to receive guidance and information from them and as the vibration of Earth and ourselves increases so we can work and receive it in different forms. Trance mediumship was always regarded as slightly elite, you had to know someone to get an invite to a seance as it wasn't very public. Now though, spirit want it to be more accessible to those who are open to hearing or receiving. So more channels (mediums) are being drawn to the work and the work is changing to accommodate this.

Deep trance mediumship can hold physical risks for the channel (medium) if not done under strict guidelines, such as silence and no sudden movements. This limits who can see or hear spirit in this form, hence lighter levels of trance are coming to the for, which do not need such strict rules. By the channel (medium) being in a lighter state sudden noises or disruptions no longer cause physical harm. True trance mediumship does not depend on the level of conscious awareness of the channel (medium) but the fact that they have handed over complete control to the spirit communicator. Meaning no interference in what is being said or done. Of course no channel is 100% accurate all of the time so discernment by the listener is always required.

About the teachings

Many of the teachings or guidance from spirit has got corrupted, in a minor way or in a major way depending on the message and the time. This has lead us in to misunderstandings and misguided beliefs. Spirit now want to ensure that their message is not changed or misgiven, which means they want to deliver it. Whether the information is channelled or delivered via trance the listener must always trust their owns hearts. The spirit being will speak from their level of understanding which may not be yours, this is especially true when it is delivered to a large audience who will be made up of many levels of understanding. Be open to what you hear, see how its resonates in your heart and soul, if it feels wrong then let it go, you may already be beyond that understanding or yet to step into it.

Trance is changing

Trance is therefore changing, there is now more emphasis on what is said instead of awareness. Spirit are moving closer and wanting to bring forward a greater sense of themselves than before. By that I mean appear less still and reserved, or even aloof, they want to speak to people in such a way that you almost forget they are spirit. They want to remove many of the barriers that stand between us and them so greater understanding can be brought about. We are after all spirit incarnate not a separate or inferior life form. At our core, our soul level, we are spirit, here experiencing a physical life or journey.

Healing through Trance

Many of the ancient uses for trance work are now being brought forward to bring back deeper energy work for the good of humanity and Earth. But more of that another time. The other change in trance work is healing. Spiritual healing is after all channeled but spirit want to draw closer during the healing session. The reasons for this are many, but here are a few - our vibrations are now higher, the balance of energies on the Earth is not in harmony, we are moving towards ascension and lessons are being learned faster and in greater number during a single lifetime. These factors and many others mean spirit want to work deeper with us, as they have agreed too, to assist with these changes. Many of you will know that the energies on Earth and within us have changed so other things need to change in concordance.

Trance healing allows spirit to move closer and anchor a higher vibration of healing during the session. Due to the density of the physical plane, healing energy that passes through the channel (medium) is denser. In the trance state the healing spirit being anchors their lighter energy to the physical plane allowing a lighter healing energy to be channelled through them (they then act as the channel (medium). Multiple spirit healers can then work together anchored by the spirit blended with the trance medium, so amplifying the healing. I have also observed during trance healing session that work is done on a much deeper soul level than perhaps when I am doing spiritual healing and in a shorter period of time. Group trance healing session are even more powerful and I use that word cautiously. What I mean is more intensive healing takes place.

Other areas opening up to Trance work

Others aspects of the work are beginning to be brought forward such as building light constructs to work in for healing and communication. Deeper guidance and information is being given during readings and public demonstrations to assist and guide the individual or humanity. No longer is it just philosophy, it can now be spiritual counselling, deep insight into your souls journey (even through several life times), fast tracking for ascension and connecting to your true spiritual self, as well as deep emotional healing and release. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sit back, relax, open your hearts and minds, and enjoy the wonders that trance communication will bring.

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