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Sarah Tyler-Walters works with several Spirit communicators and Spirit healers. Spirit   decides who steps forward to speak or heal, depending on what is required. When she is giving a trance mediumship consultation it is generally Master Chou and during a public trance demonstration or lecture he is joined by The Oracle. Furthermore, new Spirit communicators are beginning to come forward to give short talks or lectures, but as of yet their identities are not known.

When Sarah is giving trance healing, the Spirit team working with her is lead by Master Chou and a Native American Indian called Yellow Horse; various Spirit beings will step forward to give healing depending on the client’s needs. Master Chou also enjoys speaking to Sarah's students and is often part of the lesson plan for development classes and workshops; he also runs his own discussion group (with Sarah’s assistance of course).

Picture of Master Chou drawn by June Elleni

About Master Chou

He is a wonderful Spirit being who has considerable wisdom and knowledge and is thought by many to be a “Sage”. The physical lifetime of Master Chou was in China prior to the birth of Jesus and he lived to be 102 years old. Master Chou has a mischievous sense of humour and he enjoys making people laugh, he says laughter is the reason he lived to be 102. He will recite philosophy, provide insight into life and spiritual issues, and he will also lecture on the purpose of existence.

However, as a Spirit being he has had many thousand lifetimes. He refers to the lifetime of Master Chou as being one of his favourite. He also comments that Spirit felt this personality was the one we were more likely to listen to and respect. Sarah is sometimes asked what level Master Chou is from, she personally believes he is from the higher realms and a very evolved Spirit being; although, to him that is meaningless, he is who he is, nothing more and nothing less.

How Master Chou works

What Master Chou enjoys most is discussion; this can be of a spiritual, philosophical, scientific or general nature and the depth of his learning is quite extensive. However, he is equally knowledgeable when dealing with a person on a one-to-one basis. The sitter can seek guidance on a personal or spiritual issue. His understanding of an issue is often very accurate and his advice aims to be practical, clear and empowering. Master Chou does, on occasion, pass on a message from a loved one, but this is quite rare. He will not tell you your future or predict the outcome of an event as this is not the purpose of Spirit communication.

Master Chou likes to hold the sitter’s hands and has been observed reading the lines, checking nails and felt applying pressure to meridian or acupressure points, all the while talking to the sitter and their guides. Sitters have often commented on the sensations in their bodies relating to various points he applies pressure to during the conversation. A sitting with Master Chou is a conversation; interaction with him is vital to get the most from the experience.

We are being asked to give public trance demonstrations, more and more, and he is eloquent and thought provoking when talking to an audience. Questions or topics are required from the audience and they can be general, spiritual or philosophical in nature. He often takes great care in talking to you regarding your question to ensure he understands what it is you are asking about before he answers; if he does not have an   answer or opinion he will say so. Everything he does is done with laughter and humour; however, that never detracts from the message or its importance.

About The Oracle

Less is known about the lifetimes of The Oracle. We do know that The Oracle is a collective consciousness of Spirit beings; Sarah does not know how many Spirit beings are in the collective. Although, she has been advised that many of the collective have not had a lifetime on Earth. We can merely describe them as Ancient and very wise. They often come to give philosophy and guidance for mankind; they will discuss most subjects in a thought provoking fashion. The Oracle likes to get you to answer the question for yourself; making you think about what the question means and why you have asked it. This is also reflected when they come to speak to a sitter. They like to make the sitter look into their soul for the answer, hence the sitting is on a much deeper spiritual level.

How The Oracle works

Whereas Master Chou works with humour this is something The Oracle are learning how to use. They work more on the energy behind the words they use and the vastness of their meaning. As a collective they step forward with one personality and voice; on occasion, an individual from within the collective might step forward to answer a question, if they are more knowledgeable or suitable. As the vast majority of The Oracle have not been physical on Earth they do not portray physical characteristics as Master Chou does. We have received comments that Sarah appears to grow taller when The Oracle steps forward. The voice with which they speak is also very different to Master Chou and they speak more slowly and more considered.

The new Spirit beings

Sarah’s trance work is constantly developing; therefore, new Spirit beings are beginning to work through her in the altered state. At the moment we do not know much about them; although, a new collective has emerged and they are a teaching guild. Sarah also has a beautiful being that speaks of “Love and Light” and raises the vibration in the room at a heart level.

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