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Below are a series of pod-casts of talks on topics given by Sarah’s guides, Master Chou and The Oracle. Each pod-cast will state the topic being discussed and the name of the guide speaking.

The information given is based on the understanding of Sarah’s guides and may differ from your own opinions or teachings. Please accept what resonates with you and let go of anything that does not.

More pod-casts will be added so please check back regularly.

New for 2010

The following four pod-casts we recording on the 21st May 2010 between Sarah's Spirit Guide, Master Chou, and Mr John Leckie. [Some references in the recordings are related to events going on at the time of the recording.]

Sarah asked Spirit for the questions they wanted to answer and they were received in this order. Master Chou has answered them in the order they given. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the questions, though seeming separate, have been linked together by the answers. Therefore, we do recommend listening to them all in sequence.

Pod cast icon Why is there suffering in the world?
Approx. running time 11 minutes
File size 19.9 MB
Pod cast icon Health and Healthcare - Medicine, Complementary or Spiritual?
Approx. running time 16 minutes
File size 28.7 MB
Pod cast icon Death - How do we pass?
Approx. running time 13 minutes
File size 24 MB
Pod cast icon Life after 2012?
Approx. running time 25 minutes
File size 46.1 MB

The following four pod-casts are from a conversation between Mr Edward Leniston and Sarah's Spirit Guide, Master Chou, in 2008.

Pod cast icon Karma - What is it?
Approx. running time 10 minutes
File size 9.2 MB
Pod cast icon Past lives - Do we all have them and why?
Approx. running time 11 minutes
File size 10.4 MB
Pod cast icon Psychic ability - What is it and can we learn it?
Approx. running time 10 minutes
File size 8.3 MB
Pod cast icon Mediumship - What is it, a brief explanation?
Approx. running time 4 minutes
File size 3.5 MB

Voices of Spirit owns the copyright on the pod-casts above. They are part of our web site for information and development. However we reserve the copy rights on them and as such no broadcasting, copying or recording of the pod-casts is permitted without our express permission.

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