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From the dawn of time Mother Earth has sustained herself and all life on her. She does not ask for help or complain when times are hard; she does not get a day off or put her feet up as all living things need her every second of every day. Without her life giving water, land to stand on, air to breathe and the warmth of her sister the sun we would not survive. But how do we thank her - with concrete, destruction, de-forestation and so on. Do we ask her permission - No. We just take want we want and leave the worry to tomorrow.

Well tomorrow is fast approaching and the Earth’s resources are running out. The Mother can only provide so much without the nourishment to replenish herself. As healers we approach a person with compassion and unconditional love. We know that we can only heal that which can be healed in line with the person’s life purpose, soul contract and free will. But what of Mother Earth? What healing can we give her? For she is the greatest patient as a healer you will ever encounter.

Mother Earth needs our help to heal the negativity we drown her in as well as help to move her own energies back to where they should be. Back to there higher vibration as she is ready to increase her connection to us and to everything. At the core of our planet Gaia speaks to us as Mother and Guide offering counseling and support wherever she can. And it is at this heart that we can help her the most by offering her our healing love and our healing energy.

The Intention Experiment showed the power of thought so with your very thoughts you can offer her assistance in bringing about a change to how humanity views and mistreats her. By thinking of her daily as you are about your lives and not taking her for granted you are participating in the healing process. By thinking about how you use her resources and her bounty and being more mindful of your actions towards her you will also be helping to heal her.

However as workers for spirit and workers with energy we can do more. Planet Earth has an Aura and Chakra system just as you do and she has a soul contract and life purpose. We live on her physical body, astronauts travel through her spiritual body on their journey into space but Gaia’s emotional body is under the crust at the core, in her heart. When offering healing to Mother Earth it mainly sits on the surface or worse it bounces off, never penetrating to where it is needed.

With intention, love and spirit we can bring forth healing energy through the healing channels that will penetrate the layers of her aura and enter into the heart of where she needs it. By working closer with healing spirit guides in an altered state the healing energy can be changed to a different vibration that resonates with Gaia rather than us, for her vibration is different. Once that happens the energy can go to work giving her healing on all levels. Working to remove the negativity we bury in her soil, the pollution we pour into her air, the chemicals in her water and the pain in the heart.

By working closer with spirit, healing energy can change the course of a volcano, nourish the land and enrich our lives as Mother Earth becomes the Light she is meant to be. So when you work with spirit and raise positive energy do not cast it off instead ask for it to be changed to match Mother Earth’s vibration and send it where you feel in your heart she needs it, be that a place, a mountain or even her very heart. Then send it with love, humility and compassion.

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