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Dictionary of Terms

Akashic Records

Subtle material underlying all life that contains a recording of every thought, action, and event that has, or will ever take place on earth. The information contained in these records is available to adepts and qualified sensitive.

Angels / Archangels

Divine attendant, being or messenger between earth and heaven, and links you with he highest good.


Appearance, especially of a startling kind, of a spirit.


Materialization of an object out of thin air. Typical apports include small stones, flowers, and live plants and animals.

Ascended Master

A great spiritual teacher or healer who walked upon the Earth as a human, and who continues to help from spirit.


The process of fully remembering one's unity with God and the one Spirit that unites all people in brother and sisterhood. Ascension is also a term used for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.


It is considered the realm of dreams and illusions, and is supposed to be where the spiritual essence of a physical being travels in sleep and after death.

Astral Projection

Also known as an “out of body experience” or “OBE” or “astral travel” the feeling that a person has separated from the physical body. In this state, the individual may visit locations on the physical plane, and otherworldly plants of existence.


The human aura is divided into several layers, most often referred to as the “physical”, “mental” or “emotional” and “spiritual aura”. The aura is an energy field that surrounds all living being and objects. By examining the colour, shape and quality of the emanation, an aura reader can analyze personality, character and health and spiritual development of the subject.

Automatic Writing

Writing or typing produced by a medium while in an altered state of consciousness. “Facsimile writing” occurs when the medium reproduces the signature and/or writing style of a deceased person.


Chakra centre located between and just above the eyes. Also known as the “third eye”.


Small, enclosed space where a spiritualist medium may sit to condense spiritual energy so that a spirit materialization may take place. The Spiritualist cabinet is based on the Native American conjuring lodge.


Energy centre of the life force in a person's aura, where energy is taken in and flows out. [Chakra is sanskrit for Wheel]. There are seven main energy centres.


A form of mediumship where spirit draw very close and blend with the medium in order to speak through them to convey messages and give talks.

Church Service

A demonstration of clairvoyance or mediumship that is part of a church service with prays and hymns.


A development circle is a group of people who meet regularly, usually in a circle, and follow seance procedures under the guidance of a developed medium in order to improve their psychic and mediumistic abilities.


Ability to distinguish sounds from spirit. The term derives from French and means “clear-hearing”.


Ability to physically feel emotions and physical sensations as well as to sense smells and tastes. The term derives from French and means "clear-sensing".


Ability to perceive spirit entities, objects, people and events over time and space. The term derives from French and means “clear-seeing”.


Chakra centre located just above the top of the head.


A spirit being who is not a guide but who comes to talk to humanity, via inspiration speaking, automatic writing, channelling or trance.


A natural form of mineral that comes in various different kinds and colours. Each crystal is known to have properties for healing physical aliments and emotional problems.

Crystal Healing

A form of healing that uses the energy and properties of crystals to heal the patience.


A deva is a good, shining spirit who is often very tall. Their concern is with trees, rocks, plants, animals and the four elements. They work to maintain a balance between humanity and all other living things.

Direct Voice

A form of physical mediumship where the voice of spirit is heard within the room, however the sound is not being produced by the medium.


Any being or intelligence which is not in a physical body and incarnate on planet Earth.


The art of prognostication, foretelling the future and analyzing character. The diviner can become aware of past, present, and future events.


Of, from, like God or a god; sacred; superhumanly excellent, gifted or beautiful.

Door Keeper

Your door keeper stands behind your left hand shoulder. This guide's purpose is protecting you.


Rhabdomancy also known as Dowsing. The technique for finding water, minerals, oil, buried treasure, pipes etc. by holding a pendulum or forked sticks between the hands and walking slowly over the ground.


Whitish, viscous substance produced by spirits so that they can assume physical shapes. Usually ectoplasm manifestation extrudes from orifices of mediums' bodies. It is said to emanate an odour similar to ozone.

Empathic / Empathy

The ability to feel another person emotions and to project your emotions to another person.


Force, activity, ability of matter or radiation to do work. This unseen force emanates from spirit, crystals and all other living things.


An entity is a being without a physical body. Interchangeable with discarnate. It does not necessarily have a negative meaning, though the term has become associated with ghosts, haunting and possession.


Acronym for “extrasensory perception”; the ability to perceive information without recourse to the normal five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.


Small mythical beings with magical powers.


Trust; unquestioning confidence; strong belief, especially in religious doctrines.

Faith Healing

Healing, either hands on or off, using the power of faith, the belief in the power of God.

Floating Trumpet

Device that looks like a trumpet that appears to float in the air of its own accord during a seance. Spirits are thought to use the trumpet to magnify their voices.

Flower Essences

Tinctures or liquids made from flowers that contain the energy of the flower for the purpose of healing on emotional and physical levels.

Flower Readings

A variation on Psychometry where the person chooses a flower, holds it to leave their energy behind and then the reader tunes into this energy to give the reading.

Fortune Teller

Often thought of as a gypsy, a person who uses intuition and divination tools to give the querent information about the future.

Gem Essences

Liquids made from gem stones or crystals which contain the energy and healing properties of the stone used.


Apparition of a dead person or animal, disembodied spirit.


The process or act of anchoring yourself to the Earth in a spiritual sense, usually done by visualizing yourself growing roots from your feet into the earth.

Guardian Angel

An angelic being that walks with an individual through your time on earth, as a guide and protector.


Guardian spirit that oversees one's daily activities, warns of impending danger, and may provide channelled information. Guides will assist us in learning our life lessons and protect us.

Guided Meditation

A mediation that is guided e.g. described to the person by another, usually taking the form of a visualized journey. Often used to help with self-healing and exploration.


Frequent visits by a ghost or ghosts.


Chakra centre located in the centre of the chest in line with your heart.

Higher Self

The God-force within; the spiritual essence of the self that links the individual to Divinity.

I Ching

Chinese method of divination practiced for a least the last millennium. Built around the hexagrams formed by casting yarrow sticks. The meanings are derived according to ancient Taoist and Buddhist books of wisdom.


A name given to describe certain children who are currently being born on the Earth who are coming with great knowledge and understanding.

Inspirational Speaking

A form of mediumship whereby spirit inspire the medium with words to convey a message or give a talk.


Ability to know or learn something immediately, such as perception or insight, without having recourse to conscious reasoning.


Sum of a person's thoughts and deeds in a specific existence (known as an “incarnation”) that are said to determine the conditions of one's life, for better or worse.


A term used for the energy that comes from spirit, often seen around people whilst they are connected to spirit.


A living human who feels called to help Earth and her inhabitants in a way that uses spiritual energy. For instance, a lightworker might feel called upon to engage in healing, teaching, or artistic work to help make the planet a better place.

Life Purpose

Each physical incarnation comes with lessons to learn and a purpose or reason, something you wish to achieve for the higher good whilst incarnate.


Appearance of an object or spirit from nowhere, sometimes occurring during a seance. The purpose of a materialization in a seance is to prove that spirit entities are present and communicating with humans, however they can also take place spontaneously.


An exercise in contemplation and quieting the mind in order to find peace and answers to questions. Also in order to connect to the realm of spirit and ones guides.


In Spiritualism, one who acts as an intermediary between the world of the living and the spiritual dimension. An individual who acts as a channel for information communicated for spirit and other non-physical entities.

New Age

Term coined in 1980s refers astrology, mysticism, Shamanism, natural healing, reincarnation, self-help, and other forms of spiritual enlightenment.


The study of numbers to predict future events and to show strengths ad weaknesses of character. In numerology, letters of the alphabet carry numerical equivalents, which in turn, are considered to be fraught with symbolism.


Thing or occurrence that is taken as a sign of some future event; a augury; a prognostication; a presage. Omens are divided into two categories: those found commonly in nature, like the flight of birds; and unusual occurrences in nature, like meteors and eclipses.


This occurs when spirit draws very close to a medium and beings to blend energies and impress ideas and thoughts on the mediums mind.


Alleged to have originated in India and brought to the West either by Gypsies or by Aristotle. This character reading and medical diagnostic science is based on reading the size and shape of the hand as well as the lines and other distinguished marks on the palms.

Past Life

Relates to previous incarnations a soul has had in the physical realm.


Also known as “radiesthesia”. Where a small weighted object, is attached to a string or chain and allowed to swing free to answer “yes / no” questions. This is a good technique with which beginners can hone their psychic skills.

Physical Phenomenon

The term given to any form of mediumship where spirit appear, create apports, table tipping, rapping's or direct voice.


A term often used to describe giving a public demonstration in either a spiritualist church or other venue.


A term used to describe a blending between a person and spirit that is not agreeable.


Foreknowledge of future events without recourse to the normal five senses or any other physical means.


Forewarning; intuitive, paranormal awareness of something that is about to happen, often a warning of danger or death.


Vision or prediction of the future of humankind made under the influence of divine guidance. To “prophesy” means to make such a prediction; that is, speak as a prophet.


Your aura acts as a protective layer but you can also visualize other forms of protection to keep you safe from psychic attack or negative thoughts. Also relates to the Door Keeper or Gate Keeper role.


A person who is sensitive to paranormal occurrences, or who demonstrates a faculty for paranormal abilities such as telepathy, precognition and the ability to see auras.

Psychic Art

A form of mediumship whereby the medium's guide aids in the drawing of a portrait or picture for the querent. This may be added to by clairvoyant information.

Psychic Attack

This is where a person uses their psychic ability, knowingly or unknowingly, to harm another, usually in the form of negative thoughts and causes damage to the aura.

Psychic Surgery

A form of trance healing whereby surgery is performed. The patient feels nothing even though matter is being removed.


The art and science of touching or holding a small object and extracting information as to the character, surroundings, history or influence about the object itself or its owner. Typical objects used are jewellery.


Inquirer; the individual who comes to have a psychic reading; client.


Sharp knocks with no apparent physical cause, purportedly made by spirit of the dead in the presence of a medium. Spirits are said to communicate by these rapping's and answer the querents questions.


A term used to describe when a person comes to see a medium for information, proof of life or guidance. Also called a sitting.


Doctrine that the soul is reborn into a different body after death.


A form of healing using energy from the Universe and done by applying hands to the patience.

Remote Viewing

Ability to perceive at a distance real scenes in progress and tell what is going on, where and who is involved.

Rescue Work / Circle

This form of mediumship specialises in releasing spirits that have not crossed over and are in limbo. The mediums will help the lost soul to go to the light and pass over to the spiritual realm.


Chakra centre located at the base of the spine.


Form of divination by casting stones on the ground that are marked with special symbols. Originated in ancient times in Scandinavia, Britain, and the Germanic cultures, and is steeped in myth and tradition.


Chakra Centre located just below the navel.


Gazing at the surface of a crystal ball, black mirror, still pool of water, or any smooth, polished surface in order to obtain messages about the future.


Meeting of individuals, often Spiritualists, who usually sit in a circle around a table and attempt to contact spirits of the dead. Often a developed medium leads the session.

Second Sight

Old Scottish term referring to the ability to sense events at a distance in time and space, often in symbolic imagery.

Self-Healing Meditation

A meditation that is usually guided to assist oneself in healing emotional of physical pain that may be hidden or unconscious.


A witch-doctor or priest claiming to communicate with Gods. More commonly used to describe Native American sages you connected to the Earth and Animals.


A term used to describe when a person comes to see a medium for information, proof of life or guidance. Also called a reading.

Sixth Sense

Perception beyond the range of the normal five senses, hence its name.

Solar Plexus

Chakra centre located just below the breast bone.

Soul Coaching

Work that connects you to your soul, higher self and your life purpose and helps you understand the obstacles you have put in your way and help you move forward on your journey.

Soul Contract

Before you incarnate you create a contract with yourself which outlines the lessons you have come to learn and any debts you wish to repay.

Space Clearing

Clearing negative energy out of a specific place, such as a home, office, room, temple, backyard or front yard.


The essence of a soul that has died on the physical plane and lives on in another plane.

Spirit Release

Clearing a negative energy out of a person or animal's body and aura.

Spiritual Healing

A form of healing that uses Spiritual energy from the divine that is channelled through the healer to the patient.


Philosophical, socioreligious doctrine developed in the nineteenth century that revolves around the belief that the dead survive in some form as spirits that can be contacted by the living through the agency of a medium.

Table Tipping

Popular during the heyday of Spiritualism, this mode of divination counts on the participation of spirits of the deceased. The practitioners sit around a card table and rest their hands on it lightly while invoking spirits. The spirit announces itself by suddenly raising or tipping the table. Those in the circle rap once for “yes” and twice for “no”.


Divination by using tarot cards, which include the minor arcana (the four suits of playing cards with the addition of a page) and twenty-two major arcana, whose symbolism is tied into the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Also known as “cartomancy”.

Tea Leaves

Tasseography also known a tea leaf reading. The ancient Chinese art of interpreting the patterns left by tea leaves in the bottom of a teacup.


The ability to move objects by thought.


Mind-to-mind transference of thought, feelings, and images between a sender and a receiver.

Third Eye

Chakra centre located between and just above the eyes. Also known as the “brow”.


Chakra centre located in the throat just above the décolleté.


Altered state of consciousness. While in this state an individual will be willing under the control of a non-physical entity or spirit communicator.

Trance Healing

A form of spiritual healing whereby the healer is in a trance state so the spirit being takes full control of the healers body and channels the divine energy into the patient.

Vibrational Medicine

A form of alternative therapy that deals with energy imbalances and correct them using flower essences and gem essences.


The ability to create pictures in your minds eye, often used in guided mediations.

Information on the meaning of colours


Base Chakra, Energy, Active, Action, Confidence, Grounded, Competitive,Confidence, Physical


Sacral Chakra, Creativity, Will Power, Artistic, Self-Confidence, Desire, Pleasure, Emotion, Change, Trance, Perfectionist


Solar Plexus Chakra, Intellect, Logical, Bright, Will Power, Control, Emerging Psychic Awareness, Fear of Losing Control


Heart Chakra, Healing, Balancing, Caring, Reliable, Compassion, Healer


Throat Chakra, Communication, Expressing, Creativity, Inspiration, Therapist


Third Eye/Brow Chakra, Intuition, Imagination, Clairvoyance, Mental / Will Power, Deep Feelings


Crown Chakra, Mystical, Intuitive, Imaginative, Inspired, Spiritual, Philosophical, Divine, Learning, Higher Consciousness, Attunement, Visionary, Daydreamer, Etheric


Inner Peace, Security, Healing, Calm, Relaxation, Peacefulness, Truthful, Clairvoyant


Self-Love, Unconditional Love, Compassion


Spirituality, Love, Humanitarian, Divine, Truth, Purity, Angelic Qualities


Enlightenment, Ascension, Divinity, Holiness, Divine Protection,


Spirit Guides, Higher Realm Energies, Abundance, Cosmic Mind


Spirituality, Connection, Intuition, Clairvoyance


Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Insecurity


Unforgiving, Blockages


Sensitivity, Serenity

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