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In today's material and consumer world the search for spirituality often gets left behind or forgotten. Un-yet it is fundamental to who we are and why we are here. But those are beliefs and in a today's world, beliefs are everywhere. The search for spirituality is not in a book, a church or on the internet - instead it is within yourself.

Firstly, “What is spirituality?” Do you even know what it is you are seeking. People often ask me about being spiritual and when asked what it is they are unsure or even confused. The confusion comes with mixing spirituality with religion. Religion requires faith but faith does not require religion and the same can be said for spirituality, it requires the faith that you are spirit and one with all existence.

When searching for spirituality one needs only to look inside your own soul to find the answers. However in this every faster moving world the soul is being left behind. What feeds the soul today is very different to what feed the soul even a hundred years ago. So, “How do you look into your own soul?” Meditation springs to mind doesn't it? And yes that is one route to the centre of who you are and believe it or not it is not as difficult as it sounds. Meditation is the art of being still and silent and in that silence you hear everything. The everything being the connection to your own true self - the soul. Those of us who work with spirit understand this basic tenet - that we are spirit incarnate in a physical form or life. A belief in that is part of being spiritual but not the whole story. Being true to self, true to the story of the soul is equally important. “To thine self be true”; are wise words but if you do not know self then who are you being true to. Being spiritual starts with finding out who you are. Meditation and contemplation are roads on that journey.

Meditation need not be a chore, instead see it as “me time”, the ultimate indulgence in today's world. Sit quietly in a place you won't be disturb, gently close your eyes and listen to chatter of your mind, the rhythm of your heart beat and the sighing of your breathe. These are the sounds of you. As you focus on one that noise becomes louder and the others begin to fade away. By focusing on your breathe the chatter of the mind can be quieted. This of course does not happen overnight and will take practice but remember each session brings you closer to your goal and does wonders for stress.

In finding the silence you can then breathe with the centre of yourself, by moving your awareness to your heart chakra (breastbone). As you breathe with this chakra you can begin to access your inner self. Silly as it will sound, you can then begin to have conversation with yourself and find your true self. You will know your true self as there will be no judgement only the truth. And sometimes that may not be pretty. But have faith, for the next part of being spiritual in understanding that you have free will and as such you can take control of who you are and how you behave.

We are not mindless robots in the control of humanity, we are individual beings with the right to choose. So you can choose to be happy or sad, you can choose to be positive or negative and so on. In understanding that you are more than just the collection of thoughts and behaviours that the world defines you by, you can change your perception of yourself and the perception of you that others have. You can be more spiritual.

Being spiritual is being aware of your own actions, thoughts and emotions and there impact on you and everyone around you. Every word you speak has the power to alter someone's life, even if you believe the words are of no consequence now as you become more spiritually aware you will see the impact you have on the world as a whole. Being mindful in every moment without judgement and that is the key, without judgement, we all have bad or negative thoughts at times but that does not make us bad or negative people. We can choose to act differently and change that way we think.

Judgement stops us from doing that. Instead when you have a bad or negative thought, stop yourself, focus on your breathe and change the thought to a positive one. Should the thought have been about someone then send out a thought of apology and a compliment about that person to negate the impact of the original negative thought. The more aware of your behaviour you become the more you control it and not the other way around.

Spirituality is the act of being at one with the spirit that you are and that everyone else is. If there was a magic pill to awakening the spirit within I would gladly give it to you but I know that the understanding that comes from finding out that you are spirit is more powerful for the doing and a pill would take away an important part of journey. At the core of yourself is a spiritual being waiting to be discovered not created, for it is already there! All to often I see people trying too hard to be spiritual, I think they may have missed the point. It should not be hard, it should be rewarding.

Look into the centre of yourself and and you will find your spirit looking back. We are born spiritual we have only to remember that. Speak and act from your soul every moment of your life and you will be being spiritual.

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